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I don’t say, I’m the worthy one for you to whom you may love, to whom you can give your soul for life, but for sure, “I’m the one, who will be always there with you, and for you”.

I never thought that you will love me so much, I don’t have any words to describe my happiness. I can’t smile, I can’t cry because my heart doesn’t allow me to do that. What it says is, ‘to just feel the Love’.

Don’t misunderstand me, that I want to say these things because of Valentine’s Day, what I think is every day of my life is same for you from the day, ‘I saw you’.

You’re special, more than anyone (less than my mom, of course, she’s my first love – Beautiful, Gorgeous lady in this universe). I wish that one day, I will find you, and never let you go. You don’t have to wait for valentine day for my gifts, love, respect and care.

I always wish to meet you, before the time, all the time I wanted to be a child in front of you…

So here’s my nursery school rhymes for you

The rose is red, the violet’s blue,

The honey’s sweet, and so are you.

Thou art my love and I am thine;

I drew thee to my Valentine;

The lot was cast and then I drew,

And Fortune said it should be you.

Search is still ongoing, until the day I find you one in million…

P.S.: Valentine also known as ‘Saint Valentine’ of Rome which indicated he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to legend, during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius, and before his execution, he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell.


Downloading Happiness…

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Is it really so, are you too downloading your ‘Happiness’?

I hope your answer will be a big ‘NO’. What happens, when you need someone? Why we login Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp to spend time or to chat with someone. Is it what actually life is all about?

Money which we earn from our job, after working so many hours without giving one thought for our love ones, will be disuse if we don’t have time to spend with them.

Relationships in today’s world are getting worst. Husband wants to earn money, whereas wife wants love. Breakups are done by status and happiness are a number of likes & comments you get on your pictures.

Are we really going to exist in this way? But how many years we will survive like this!

If you really miss someone, go meet him, spend time instead of sending message ‘I miss you’, of course, it helps to show that you miss them. Go and meet them, instead of bothering about what’s the time, ask which time you prefer. Love is the feeling, which actually in today’s world, we made “Virtual”. The feeling of holding hands of our loved ones is fading away.

I lost my wife, I loved her a lot but as an Engineer, I was too busy. We live together, but online. Instead of sharing each others feeling we update status.

I hope you as a student, will be busy in projects, assignments but have a thought about what I said, take a time to say your parents, love ones, how much you love them ‘He concluded, with tears in his eyes.


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Hey honey, today after so many years, I played my guitar ‘He said. Oh really, play for me baby, once ‘She approached. Yes, I too wish to do ‘He replied with too much of excitement. Mom, please join us ‘He called his mom from the bedroom.

After few nodes. What are you playing honey, it’s so bad. I mean, nowadays 10 years old child play very well then this ‘She said, sarcastically. He was upset, not because of his wife, he lost his dreams…

Dad, teach me please ‘His son requested. No dear, I don’t know how to play guitar ‘He said, looking straight towards mom.

10 Years Later…

Mom, please… please I request you. I don’t want to do this MBA. Help me, mom, explain dad once, for me at least.

No, I can’t Armaan, I won’t. Don’t spoil your future, just for this music and bands ‘She said. Mom you know I don’t wish to do this MBA, I’m not interested in doing this course, please, I beg ‘He said, with tears in his eyes.

8 Years Later…

You did very well my son, you got this job, and you’re the best Armaan ‘Mom said. Mom, Dad, I did this for all your happiness, I don’t want to work for any corporate sector, please understand what I’m explaining, please… ‘He requested. I can’t give permission to spoil your future my son, and I won’t ‘Dad replied.

7 Years Later…

I can’t carry on like this, why don’t both of you understand this. I can’t work like a machine, I want to follow my dreams, and I wish to be a Musician, Mom, Dad ‘He said.

You want to leave us, at this age, you wish to go away from us, so it’s all your choice, the door is open. No! It’s not like that, ‘I love you guys’, but I want to live my dreams, I want to feel it, I want to make it feel all around. It’s my passion ‘He said.

I think you should get married, as soon as you will get responsibilities, you will get to know what it means ‘Mom said.

5 Years Later…

Mom, as you always wish, I did. I got married, now I’m the father of a 9-month-old baby boy. Still, my dreams are following me while sleeping. Since last, 4 years I’m trying to make you understand, “I’m responsible for everything, about my future, about my expenses, everything”.

You mean you will leave both of us. Your Dad, work so hard for you. We stop dreaming for you, so you can be something in your life, and when it’s come to you to take responsibility you want to leave it ‘She said.


5 Years ago, He stop playing his guitar and started working with the same company where he do.

After so many years, when he visited one of his office function he realized, he was lost, his dreams were, ‘Cancelled’, was killed by the name of responsibility.

Today, when he played his Guitar after so many years, instead of happiness, he cried for his ‘Cancelled-Dream’

And now when he saw his mom’s eyes, what he found was just, ‘A Guilt’.

To my ‘Imaginary Love’

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It is not about you, it is not about me… it’s about us, it’s about our love. I always supported you, whatever be the situation, whatever be the condition. I know that I’m strong enough to handle myself, still I need your love to be what I am. I want you to support me, you’re in my different world, where I travel, holding your hands below the moonlight.

Why you always let me feel I’m lonely? why it’s too tough to understand me, that I’m complicated but my love for you is pure and simple as I say. Whenever you don’t call me, I feel upset. With whom should I share my stuff, to whom should I see, but it’s not your mistake, it’s mine… I’m not complaining my dear, ‘Dolphin’. Hold my hands like, like you’re the wind, let me feel you like you’re the sunshine. Be with me every single moment like you’re ‘My Heartbeat’.

I’m not complaining baby, I know it’s my mistake because you’re an Imagination of mine. A dream which, I always see with open eyes.

I know it’s not your mistake, it’s just the understanding of my heart with my mind, that you’re here with me, always, forever… an ever…

You know why? how would you know! because my love for you is inevitable… I always wanted to follow my ‘Dreams’… let me follow you, till I can.

….Few lines said in dream to ‘My Imaginary Love’

Choices in LoVe

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Me or your family? ‘She asked seeing straight into his eyes.
My family ‘He replied.
Tears fall down ‘after she left.
She left him alone.
He still loved her.
He was still waiting to see her, in his last breath.

Love was part of both. She loved him a lot, but unspoken. Love is always a losing game, then what separate them?
“Love never hurts, what hurts the more is an expectation by an individual in a relationship”.
In fact the feelings, the moments, spend with them becomes sweet memories, a hope for survival.

Love your partner with  a pure heart and be strong, because it tests your patience, your strength, your courage… and, at last, it’s your “Forever”.

3 Mantra’s…

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Why do you listen, when he always shouts at you? ‘My colleague queried.

He is my boss, it’s all right with me, and no issues man ‘I replied.

How do you work with him, only you have that idea, we all of them can’t even survive with him, he is so exasperating and so violent. I mean, it’s too difficult to work for him or along with him.

See man just be cool and relax. I think he is a good guy, just because of work pressure and maybe his personal life, he is like this. I understand your words but I will handle it ‘I said.

Yeah only you can do that, but how do you manage to do so ‘He asked.

It’s very simple! Just use my, “3 Mantra’s” of life and everything will change around you.

So what are they? ‘He asked.

“Forget your past and live your life in present, it will help you to be dynamic”

“Stop comparing yourself to others it will help you to explore yourself”

And last but not least

“Develop the attitude of Gratitude….”

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