Being what you’re is the most difficult thing in today’s world! That’s what, we learned, every single day of our life, in school, in our colleges. But why many of us fail, when it comes to performance, when it comes to applying the same thing, the knowledge which everyone learned.

Have you ever thought, you wanted to do few things and you did?

Have you ever thought you want your life better than now, but you failed to do so? Is it what we are made of, or it is something else?

Have you ever realized, might be you never failed for the things, you ever wanted to do?

Might be you never did it, you never tried it, and you thought you failed to do so.

Is it the society, because you never tried or is it your thoughts which never allowed you to do in the fear of losing something in future?

Take a break, look into the mirror, you will discover yourself.