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“A day is not far away, when rich will die eating their money and poor will die watching them”.

In today’s world, what we are fighting for, why are we earning for, by working day and night?

Many say, for my child, for my loved ones, for my family for this… that…

But are we ignoring the fact? Are we really doing so? Well yes, we are doing for their happiness, that they can purchase whatever they like, in fact, we can also do so. Still if you have money to buy them, to pay the bill for your loans, for the water tax and everything, and still you can’t buy the food to survive, what will happen?

Have you ever thought this?’ She asked, giving the intense look to the crowd. Removing his  mike from the stand, adjusting the cable, which was around her leg, she started again.

Have you ever thought about the farmers, those are working in the field, that too when the sun is at peak. Every day, every second, in hotels, we waste the food, because we are rich, we are earning, the day you will learn what is food made of, what kind of hard work farmers need, you will stop. I know, many of them will be thinking, is she insane to shout on mike ‘She said. Yes, I am insane.

Hey, you come here ‘She called one of the youngsters from the crowd. What is there, tomorrow? ‘She asked. Holi ‘He said. What come again? ‘She asked. Holi hai ‘He said. Yes so my dear brothers and sisters, tomorrow is Holi, so please it’s a kind request to you all, to spare the water. It’s high time, it’s coming, It’s Dearth time.