What is ‘Respect’ dad? ‘A son asked his dad, waiting for the reply with a strong desire to learn something.

Dad was confused, what should he reply to his 10-year-old son? what quintessence should he give to explain him in a better way?

were everyone knows, child’s brain is soggy soil, where you put the kernel and the shrub start growing

Dad, tell me na? what is respect, why should we follow it? ‘He asked again.

My little naughty sweetheart,  come here, I will tell you what is ‘respect’.

He kissed his forehead softly and look straight into his eyes and said, “Respect, is not just the word, my darling, it’s the entity, which you will return us when you will grow up”.

It’s the only things, which make you rich in this society; Money can be given, but respect is the one which you have to earn. But, for this moment, I would say, “you should respect your mom, sister and respect this society”,

Is this so important dad? ‘He asked.

Yes, my son, it is! and you know the best part is, it begins with yourself, start respecting yourself.

How dad? ‘Again he inquires.

Whenever mom shouts at your mistakes, what do you do? you don’t eat your food, you don’t have milk, it means you don’t respect yourself. So from today, you will not be angry on your food, this is your first homework, and you will respect your mom too.

Yes dad, I will ‘He replied.

P.S.: This is not the society culpability to teach or scream at each child and edify them, what does respect means. It’s a responsibility, of every individual parents to teach them, guide them, to reform their child in a better way so they can be a part of good society in future, and learn what respect is…