Blog 8

The question was obvious like everyone have in their life…

What do I want to do? What my life wants from me?!

Well, it was too self-evident like the question, if I prefer to ask anyone suggestions, the answer will depend on their own perception, on their own thoughts and viewpoint.

It was a waste of time, to ask someone else about your own life.

At any cost, I was not going to lose the hope. I wanna meet the person, for whom, I was searching.

For whom, I was roaming around to get the answers of my life. But the journey of life is never ending, what always left in hands was only the hope.

I lost myself in the darkness, in the darkness of my own mind, which was asking so many questions. Answers were unknown to me, unknown to this world.

Sometimes, it takes a fraction of seconds to make you feel, to make you understand what you actually wants from yourself. Life is like a notebook, where the creator is within you.

I was shattered and left alone by others, like what people usually do.

It took many days and many hours, but then what I discover was beyond my life, beyond my dreams, I discovered, ‘Silence’ and learned that ‘Silence is the scariest scream”, we have in our life.