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It’s okay to take a break


Being what you’re is the most difficult thing in today’s world! That’s what, we learned, every single day of our life, in school, in our colleges. But why many of us fail, when it comes to performance, when it comes to applying the same thing, the knowledge which everyone learned.

Have you ever thought, you wanted to do few things and you did?

Have you ever thought you want your life better than now, but you failed to do so? Is it what we are made of, or it is something else?

Have you ever realized, might be you never failed for the things, you ever wanted to do?

Might be you never did it, you never tried it, and you thought you failed to do so.

Is it the society, because you never tried or is it your thoughts which never allowed you to do in the fear of losing something in future?

Take a break, look into the mirror, you will discover yourself.


Secret Lover: Just for Month / Lifetime

“The story which everyone knew    …except her”


A boy finding his love. Pheli baar wala pyaar…
‘Armaan’ and ‘Jiyana’ are strong characters, their growing friendship flies in the phase of the conventions in their busy and full of ambitious life.
Armaan always helped Jiyana, in her problematic life. He always thought, she would start loving him someday, but after 7 years he came to know the time and patience he was investing were all in vain, but their destiny was something unbelievable…
Not just a love or a problem novel, ‘Secret Lover: just for month/lifetime’ explores the loyalty in love, the so-called ‘Samaj’ and respect towards the family decision.

Yet something more Armaan & Jiyana want to tell you…


Blog 13

What is the pain for you? ‘She asked.
Being a best-man to the girl you love and making her understand that the guy to whom she don’t love, will be the best husband for her ‘He replied.
And for you? ‘He asked.
Getting married to someone else, just because the person I love the most make me understood ‘She said.
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Good or Bad

Blog 12

Why are you so arrogant and coquetry bastard? ‘She asked, looking straight into his eyes.
He smiled.
You know what, when girls like you hurt a bad guy, you made them kindhearted, but, when you hurt a good one, you don’t ever know you’re creating, “havoc” ‘He said, kissing her forehead.
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Book of Life

Blog 11

I wanted to be the “Book” of your life.
You made me a ‘memorable, complicated, and haunting’ chapter of that book.

Dearth of Water

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“A day is not far away, when rich will die eating their money and poor will die watching them”.

In today’s world, what we are fighting for, why are we earning for, by working day and night?

Many say, for my child, for my loved ones, for my family for this… that…

But are we ignoring the fact? Are we really doing so? Well yes, we are doing for their happiness, that they can purchase whatever they like, in fact, we can also do so. Still if you have money to buy them, to pay the bill for your loans, for the water tax and everything, and still you can’t buy the food to survive, what will happen?

Have you ever thought this?’ She asked, giving the intense look to the crowd. Removing his  mike from the stand, adjusting the cable, which was around her leg, she started again.

Have you ever thought about the farmers, those are working in the field, that too when the sun is at peak. Every day, every second, in hotels, we waste the food, because we are rich, we are earning, the day you will learn what is food made of, what kind of hard work farmers need, you will stop. I know, many of them will be thinking, is she insane to shout on mike ‘She said. Yes, I am insane.

Hey, you come here ‘She called one of the youngsters from the crowd. What is there, tomorrow? ‘She asked. Holi ‘He said. What come again? ‘She asked. Holi hai ‘He said. Yes so my dear brothers and sisters, tomorrow is Holi, so please it’s a kind request to you all, to spare the water. It’s high time, it’s coming, It’s Dearth time.



What is ‘Respect’ dad? ‘A son asked his dad, waiting for the reply with a strong desire to learn something.

Dad was confused, what should he reply to his 10-year-old son? what quintessence should he give to explain him in a better way?

were everyone knows, child’s brain is soggy soil, where you put the kernel and the shrub start growing

Dad, tell me na? what is respect, why should we follow it? ‘He asked again.

My little naughty sweetheart,  come here, I will tell you what is ‘respect’.

He kissed his forehead softly and look straight into his eyes and said, “Respect, is not just the word, my darling, it’s the entity, which you will return us when you will grow up”.

It’s the only things, which make you rich in this society; Money can be given, but respect is the one which you have to earn. But, for this moment, I would say, “you should respect your mom, sister and respect this society”,

Is this so important dad? ‘He asked.

Yes, my son, it is! and you know the best part is, it begins with yourself, start respecting yourself.

How dad? ‘Again he inquires.

Whenever mom shouts at your mistakes, what do you do? you don’t eat your food, you don’t have milk, it means you don’t respect yourself. So from today, you will not be angry on your food, this is your first homework, and you will respect your mom too.

Yes dad, I will ‘He replied.

P.S.: This is not the society culpability to teach or scream at each child and edify them, what does respect means. It’s a responsibility, of every individual parents to teach them, guide them, to reform their child in a better way so they can be a part of good society in future, and learn what respect is…

Scariest Scream – ‘Silence’

Blog 8

The question was obvious like everyone have in their life…

What do I want to do? What my life wants from me?!

Well, it was too self-evident like the question, if I prefer to ask anyone suggestions, the answer will depend on their own perception, on their own thoughts and viewpoint.

It was a waste of time, to ask someone else about your own life.

At any cost, I was not going to lose the hope. I wanna meet the person, for whom, I was searching.

For whom, I was roaming around to get the answers of my life. But the journey of life is never ending, what always left in hands was only the hope.

I lost myself in the darkness, in the darkness of my own mind, which was asking so many questions. Answers were unknown to me, unknown to this world.

Sometimes, it takes a fraction of seconds to make you feel, to make you understand what you actually wants from yourself. Life is like a notebook, where the creator is within you.

I was shattered and left alone by others, like what people usually do.

It took many days and many hours, but then what I discover was beyond my life, beyond my dreams, I discovered, ‘Silence’ and learned that ‘Silence is the scariest scream”, we have in our life.

“Glory of one’s nation”

BLog 7.jpg

I will come back ‘maa…’, I will come back ‘dharti maa‘… My soul belongs to you and then he applies the soil on his forehead.

He was alive in the faith of others; a shiver rolls down inside me like I skipped a beat of my heart when I saw him. Today again this beloved, ‘Maa’ lost his son, Just for the sake of someone less Power, Money, Cupidity and Greed….

It just took a fraction of seconds to hit another the bullet on my right arm, then on my chest. I was first afraid of my death, but, when I saw the soldier smiling face, who was protecting me few seconds ago, he made me realized what does, ‘Life’ means.

Living for your own benefits make you selfish, life means to burn yourself with verve for others, like a candle.

Blood was floating like a water in the form of the river, it was raining heavily.

The god was crying, but, his tears were of happiness, as he knew he was going to meet their loyal son soon. A son who was protecting his love, who was protecting so many others; who was protecting, ‘Dharti Maa‘.

Few lines by Indian Army…

“Only best of the friends and worst of the enemies visit us”

“Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail”

“I wonder whether those of our political masters who have been put in charge of the defence of the country can distinguish a mortar from a motor; a gun from a howitzer; a guerrilla from a gorilla, although a great many resemble a letter”

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